VISION 8 Continuous Gas Detector with EλE Sense Technology

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The VISION® 8 from DOD Technologies is the world’s first, and only, color-sensing and differentiating colorimetric gas detection system. Capable of distinguishing between different gases within the same family, the VISION 8 produces fast and accurate results.

The VISION 8 employs patented EλE Sense Technology® (a.k.a. "EYE" or Effective Wavelength Evaluation) to analyze samples in an entirely new light. Utilizing technologically-advanced fiber optics, the VISION 8 actively records, evaluates and stores real-time gas monitoring results. Combined with proven ChemLogic® colorimetric technology, the system effectively captures gas stains on an easy-to-load cassette.

The VISION 8 continuously monitors and detects target gases from up to eight designated points, each up to 500 feet away. The system also efficiently combines detection and controller capabilities into a single unit, with remote viewing and administrator access.

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More Information
BrandsDOD Technologies
Detection Points4-8 (increments of 4)
DisplayFull-Color LCD
Intrinsically SafeNo
Detection PrincipleColorimetric
ManufacturerDOD Technologies
Product TypeGas Detectors
Product UseFixed
Dimensions20" x 14" x 13.57"
Detection RangeVaries by Gas (down to ppb)
Event Log StorageYES
Power Requirements110VAC
AlarmsAudible & Visual
Operation Temperature40°F - 104°F | 4°C - 40°C