About Us

DOD Technologies is a leading global gas detection supplier of integrated industrial gas detection systems & solutions. Safety is our number one priority. All gas leak detection equipment offered by DOD Technologies is designed to keep your workplace and your employees safe from explosions, fire, suffocation, and other injuries related to the inhalation of toxins. Our innovative products, services, and systems protect, support, and save lives.

The dangers posed by industrial chemicals are real. Our portable gas detection monitors go with you, allowing you to test for dozens of gases wherever and whenever you need to test air quality. Our fixed gas detection systems serve as a constant source of protection, continuously monitoring your air, and providing feedback for your review.

Customers in a wide range of industries, including the semiconductor, solar, specialty chemical, polyurethane foam, wastewater, engineered wood, and emergency services industries, trust DOD Technologies because our products and services are proven to keep people safe. With more than 150 years of combined instrumentation and application knowledge, DOD Technologies is prepared to offer solutions for your toughest gas monitoring requirements.

Our Story


DOD Technologies is an all-in-one gas detection supplier of low-level toxic gas monitoring systems and solutions. We offer state-of-the-art gas detection using colorimetric, electrochemical, and FTIR technologies to reliably detect low levels of toxic and corrosive gases. Our products are designed to be sophisticated yet simple to install and maintain. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Cary, Illinois, DOD Technologies is constantly innovating and improving our offering with the combined goals of – decreasing response times, increasing reliability, and reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Our Applications

Our broad product offering allows for us to solve myriad of end users’ toxic gas monitoring concerns. We proudly support the following industries with tailor-made solutions for the varied and unique problems that arise in each industry.


The gas detection equipment we offer is utilized to detect low levels of toxic and corrosive gases commonly found in a wide-range of industrial and commercial industries.


Foam Manufacturing

Specialty Chemical

Emergency Response


Oil & Petrochemical

Commercial Building

Our Products

As a leading gas detection supplier, we offer products that utilize a wide array of detection principles to provide you the best solution for your needs. We specialize in colorimetric, electrochemical, and FTIR technologies. The products come in single-point or multi-point fixed systems, and we also offer a range of portable detectors to keep workers safe no matter where their job may take them.

Our Reach

DOD Technologies uses a global network of gas detection suppliers and servicers to reach customers around the world. Each one of our partners is fully trained and qualified to service and sell our products. With an ever-expanding list of products and detectable gases, we have the solution for your toughest gas detection requirements. Our global service team is quick to respond and makes your uptime our priority. They provide on-site field service, over-the-phone technical support, in-person training, as well as virtual training.