Technical Services

Gas Detection Systems

Expert, Repair and Preventative Maintenance Services

DOD Technologies offers mail-in and on-site gas detection system repair and maintenance services throughout the continental US and Canada. Our highly skilled team of technicians provides exceptional service and technical support. We offer several service options including equipment repair, gas calibration, system start-ups, design/installation, training & preventative maintenance. We also service DOD and legacy gas detector brands utilizing colorimetric, electrochemical, FTIR and other detection principles. Learn more below and contact us today for further assistance.

Equipment Repair & Calibration

From $ 700

Mail-in product repair and calibration services of DOD Technologies and New Cosmos equipment start at $700. Pricing will vary based on the extent of service. Our Service Department will present all available options and provide an estimate to achieve your desired outcome. Simply complete the RA form to begin the process today!

On-Site Repair & Services Visits

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DOD Technologies also offers technician repair and maintenance services on-site at your facility. From emergency requests to on-going maintenance, let us customize a service plan that best fits your needs. Even if you’re unsure of what you may need, contact our Service Department today for additional assistance and a quote.

*Pricing listed does not include cost of parts and additional labor or tax. Price may vary due to severity of repair. Price subject to change.

Additional Services

Field Service & Training

When it comes to providing service, our team is equipped to service many brands and types of gas detection equipment. If you have concerns about a system currently installed at your facility or a portable unit on hand, give our staff a call. We can assist you through the process or train your staff to have you up and running in no time.

Preventative Maintenance

We offer a range of preventative maintenance plans to meet a diverse number of requirements. This program allows you to plan for routine maintenance to ensure your gas detection equipment continues to perform optimally. From procuring cassettes and sensors to on-site technician calibration, you can trust DOD Technologies to keep your systems running.

Installation & Design

DOD Technologies collaborates with engineering staff and/or companies to provide gas detection services such as safety system design, testing, and installation and integration. Our experts help incorporate gas detection into your new or existing infrastructure. If you already have a safety system in place, we can provide integration support. Choosing the right path for your gas detection system is essential. Our dedicated team will ensure you specify the appropriate systems and receive the necessary support for your specific application.

Equipment Start-Up

Work with our skilled team to ensure that your equipment is correctly installed and performance-tested to meet stringent life safety system requirements.

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