The New EC20x Cabinet Is Bigger & Better!

November 30, 2022
The New EC20x Cabinet Is Bigger & Better!

The new EC20x Gas Cabinet is now available. Expanding upon its predecessor, the EC20x is nearly 20% larger and can house up to 20 electrochemcial detectors standard. Create a custom cabinet with factory-installed Cosmos PS-7 electrochemical detectors to form a complete and robust multipoint TGMS. Need to detect NF3? No problem. The EC20x can now accommodate pyrolyzer units utilizing the Cosmos PS-7M.

The EC20x offers enhanced performance with the ability to extract samples from up to 450 feet away. With additional pumps now standard (four, in total), operation is continuous with back ups in place. The standard redundant power supply also ups the level of performance and reliability.

EC20x cabinets are available pre-wired 4-20mA or with optional PoE Modbus communications. The internet switch provides remote visualization for monitoring the entire system with only a single line back to the cabinet.

Click here for additional product information and to download the Data Sheet. For further assistance or to customize your cabinet, call 815-788-5200, e-mail [email protected] or contact your local DOD sales representative.

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