Multipoint Electrochemical Cabinet Ideal for Electrochemical Monitoring

September 30, 2021
Multipoint Electrochemical Cabinet Ideal for Electrochemical Monitoring

The Multipoint Electrochemical Cabinet allows the end-user the convenience of electrochemical monitoring with the sample distance of a larger TGMS. Created by New Cosmos, this completely customizable system can accommodate up to 20 single-point monitors depending on the application, and is ideal for the semiconductor industry. 

The cabinet can extract a sample from up to 450 feet away with its powerful sample draw pump. The redundant pump comes standard to ensure performance and reliability. An optional internet switch allows for visualization of the entire system with only one line back to the cabinet. The gas detection range varies by gas but goes down to ppb levels, while also possessing event log storage capabilities for data collection. The operating temperature is 40°F - 104°F and has audible and visual alarms when detecting hazardous conditions. The system does not require batteries, but does have a power requirement of 230 VAC.

Other benefits of this system include an auto flow control, allowing the sample flowrate to be held constant for stable detection, a large LCD screen so the device status can be read at a glance, and easy maintenance so sensors and flow paths can be changed without tools. The multipoint electrochemical cabinet also features smart sensors, which issues an error alarm if the sensor for a different gas is loaded.

Replacing the sensor units is simple for any user to execute. The personnel would remove the main unit from the base unit, remove the back cover of the main unit, replace the old sensor unit with a new one, and mount the main unit on the base unit and press the test switch to confirm operation. 

Detecting a wide range of gases, this unit detects 21 electrochemical gases, two electrochemical gases with pyrolyzer, oxygen depletion and hydrogen from 0-500 ppm and 0-1,000 ppm. Relay outputs allow for programmable low and high-level faults while analog output is 4-20mA. Its communication channels are Ethernet, DeviceNet and MODBUS.

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