GTD-2000Tx Toxic Gas Detector for Potentially Explosive Applications

December 7, 2021
GTD-2000Tx Toxic Gas Detector for Potentially Explosive Applications

The GT2000TX Explosion-Proof Toxic Gas Monitor provides comprehensive monitoring of toxic and oxygen gas hazards in potentially explosive atmospheres for both indoor and outdoor areas. Users can modify detector operation using the LCD without ever needing to open the unit., enabling one-man, non-intrusive operation while reducing maintenance time and costs. The instrument easily configures into existing installs with detectors and systems. The device also comes equipped with analog and digital protocols.

The GT-2000TX features fast indication with less than 5 seconds to read and a one-second rise and clean downtime, is highly accurate with +/- 5% of the reading and has no saturation or regeneration leading to reduced downtime. Another feature is its powerful battery that runs continuously for over 5 hours on one charge. The instrument is ergonomic as it is a portable and simple one-handed operation, and versatile since it detects a wide range of gases and gas mixtures. Its low-cost operation consists of inexpensive consumables and parts while intuitively easy to use with minimal training required. The digital display clearly indicates the level of gas or gas mixture present in the surrounding environment. 

The instrument is capable of detecting 35 gases and gas mixtures with a measurement range of 0-300ppm. Utilizing a photoionization sensor, the measurement principle is an electromagnetic balance. The analog output is 4-20mA while the digital output is 2mA. The device can be mounted on a 2-foot pole, wall mount or duct mount. The operating temperature range is from -40°F to 176°F, while the device weighs at 52.8oz. 

As the leader in low-level gas detection, we understand the value of your production and know that false alarms can cost millions of dollars in lost productivity. That’s why we’ve partnered with other high-quality manufacturers to offer a product line with an enhanced standard of accuracy and reliability. Having a worldwide network of service engineers who are knowledgeable and passionate about gas detection, our portfolio includes fixed systems, portable gas detectors, controllers, systems integration and onsite field services. 

With over 150 years of combined instrumentation and application expertise, our solutions meet the most stringent requirements to help keep your employees, operations and public health safe. To view our portable and personal gas detection instruments, click here. Contact DOD Technologies today at (815) 788-5200 or through our online form for more information regarding the GTD-2000TX toxic gas monitor, or to speak with a representative.

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