DOD Technologies Introduces VISION 8 with EλE Sense Technology

October 10, 2023
DOD Technologies Introduces VISION 8 with EλE Sense Technology


Cary, Illinois - September 27, 2023 - DOD Technologies has launched the revolutionary new VISION® 8 with EλE Sense Technology® (pronounced as “EYE” and referred to as ‘Effective Wavelength Evaluation’) eight-point gas detection system. With the ability to distinguish between different gases within the same family, VISION 8 has become the world’s first and only color-sensing and differentiating colorimetric gas detector.

EλE Sense Technology is a patented, first-of-its-kind fiber optics system that enables the VISION 8 to speciate gases within a family (i.e. Hydrides to Phosphine). Producing fast and accurate results, users are able to make quick, yet informed response decisions. This advanced monitoring system streams and records live video of the colorimetric stains as they are captured on the ChemLogic® cassette. The color change development can also be viewed in real time, either locally or remotely. This device can detect a multitude of different gases, including Ammines, Hydrides, Oxidizers, Mineral Acids and more. If there is a gas leak or contamination, the VISION 8 quickly alerts you to exactly what you are dealing with in specific detail.

Boasting superior performance, the VISION 8 is faster and more powerful than other legacy gas detection systems. It features an optimized flow system with valveless dual pumps. This state-of-the-art system exhibits an average response of 26 seconds for samples collected from 400 feet, compared to legacy monitors with an average response of 116 seconds. The robust dual pump system pulls ambient air samples at a rate of over five liters per minute, extracting samples from up to 500 feet (150m) away.

VISION 8’s controls and visual alarms are easy to monitor and manage on a built-in 15-inch PCAP touchscreen display. And with an integrated smart controller, an entire fleet can be checked and maintained from three access points; locally on the HMI, or remotely from a desktop or mobile phone app. Existing detectors including electrochemical, FTIR or other colorimetric systems can be connected to the VISION 8 and monitored in real time. This feature centralizes monitoring and transforms the VISION 8 into a comprehensive gas detection system.

Its compact design and flexible tubing options make the VISION 8 adaptable to most spaces. At only 20 inches (51 centimeters) by 14 inches (36 centimeters) by 13.6 inches (35 centimeters), its small footprint allows for easy wall or tabletop mounting. Tubing can be fed from either the top or the side. Compatible ChemLogic 120-day colorimetric cassettes fit in the palm of your hand with no tape handling required. The convenient analyzer drawer opens horizontally, making the cassette easy to change in a matter of seconds.

With DOD Technologies’ full-service solutions and phone support, setup and troubleshooting the VISION 8 is easy. DOD Technologies can also provide customized solutions to help your team integrate the VISION 8 into your existing safety system network.

For over 20 years, DOD Technologies has provided dependable low-level gas detection products and services. Family-owned and operated, our team of industry experts serves a mission to supply technologically-advanced solutions that help keep employees safe and operations efficient. To learn more about the VISION 8 and other reliable gas detection solutions visit, contact us (815-788-5200 or [email protected]) or your local DOD Technologies representative.

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