FlameSpec IR3 & IR3-HD Triple IR Based Flame Detector

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The FlameSpec-IR3 flame detector provides ultra-fast response, high performance and reliable detection of all types of hydrocarbon fires (visible and non-visible). The detector addresses slow growing fires as well as fast eruption of fire using improved triple IR (IR3) technology. The detector operates in all weather and light conditions with highest immunity to false alarms.

The HD version provides a high-definition (HD) color video output of the monitored area with clear imaging of fire events and personnel at distances up to 100 ft. (30m) allowing responders to know the exact situation before entering the hazardous area. Video and data of events are stored saved quickly to non-volatile memory for post incident investigation. The recordings start one minute before detection and continue for up to four minutes.

The series features:
• Highest levels of false alarm immunity.
• Detects up to 262 ft. (80m) for a 1 ft2 (0.1m2) n-heptane pan fire.
• Hydrocarbon flame detection. Three wavelengths, in the infrared spectral range of 4.0 to 5.0 μm, with clear separation.
• Each sensor has the same field of view to improve false alarm immunity.
• Optimized option for aircraft hangars, helipads & truck loading racks available, see FLS-IR3 CO2L data sheet.
• Ultra-fast detection mode – detection within 40 milliseconds for fireballs or explosions.
• Fast flame detection, <1.5 s for standard fire up to 30 m. Option for <0.5s, in compliance with NFPA 33, available.
• 5 selectable sensitivity levels
• Universal outputs, 3 and 4 wire, 4-20 mA sink / source, Fire, Auxiliary and Fault Relays. RS485 port using Modbus RTU.
• Event logger – alarms and faults are logged to non-volatile memory.
• Built-in-Test (BIT) – Automatic and manual self-test of window cleanliness and overall detector operation.
• Dirty optics warning for preventive maintenance needs.
• HART® 7 for configuration & maintenance - option available.
• Window heater to avoid condensation and icing.
• Stainless steel tilt mount provides horizontal and vertical adjustment.
• SIL 2 capable - option available.


More Information
BrandsFGD Technologies
Detection Points1
DisplayRemote Video Output
Intrinsically SafeYes
Detection PrincipleInfrared
Product TypeFlame & Combustible Detectors
Product UseFixed
Dimensions7.87 x 0.12 x 0.12″
Event Log StorageYES
Power Requirements24V
AlarmsAudible & Visual
Operation Temperature-40°F to +176°F (-40°C to +80°C)