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Chemical contamination on workplace surfaces can result in significant skin exposure. Colorimetric SWYPE™ indicators are a simple and sensitive technique to detect contaminants on work surfaces and skin.

  • Easy to use - Spray Cleaner/Developer Solution on a surface and wipe with a SWYPE™
  • Specifically formulated for particular compound groups
  • Provides a rapid, positive colour change if the contaminant is present
  • Safe for use on skin or work surfaces
  • Surface SWYPE™ are ideal for leak checking of pump seals and hose connectors
  • Sensitive to levels equal to or below personal exposure levels for comparable airborne exposure

The Cleaning/Developing Solution is necessary in order to increase the sampling efficiency of both the Surface and Skin SWYPE™ detection systems. When testing for contamination, the surface is lightly sprayed with the Cleaning/Developing Solution. The solution dissolves the contaminant prior to using the Surface or Skin SWYPE™. The SWYPE™ is designed to wick the solution into the pad, increasing the detection level, particularly on rough or porous surfaces.

Surface SWYPEs have a limited shelf-life and require the appropriate Cleaning/Developing Solution for each SWYPE version. Please contact us with questions or for further assistance. Each Surface SWYPE KIT includes a pack of (25) Surface SWYPEs and 16-oz Cleaning/Developing Solution in spray bottle.

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BrandsSKC, Inc.
Detection Points1
Intrinsically SafeNo
Detection PrincipleColorimetric
ManufacturerSKC / CLI
Product TypeConsumables
Product UsePortable
Dimensions4 x 4 x 0.1"
Event Log StorageNO
AlarmsVisual Dose Estimator