SDM-73 Oil Steel Dust Meter

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The Steel Dust Meter (SDM) can diagnose the health of rotating machinery like no other tool available. The device provides a useful simplified diagnosis for inspecting the abrasion status of bearings and gears. It checks the wear conditions of bearings in ultra-low to high-speed rotating machinery.

The SDM employs a magnetic balance type electromagnet induction method to provide accurate and repeatable measurements. The SDM-73 is designed for equipment that uses oil as its lubricant.

The SDM-73 includes a carrying case, 2ml syringe (5 pcs), oil sampling nozzle (2 pcs), syringe holder and 4 x AA alkaline drycell batteries. 

More Information
BrandsNew Cosmos
Detection Points1
DisplayBack-Lit LCD
ManufacturerNew Cosmos
Product UsePortable
Detection Range%wght.
Event Log StorageNO
Battery Life24 Hours
Operation Temperature32°F to +104°F (0°C to 40°C)