Trust DOD Technologies to Implement the Right System for You

March 11, 2021
Trust DOD Technologies to Implement the Right System for You

DOD Technologies supplies gas detection systems and solutions to industries where gas detection is necessary and critical for a safe work environment. We are a global company, and our customers come from all around the world.

Our gas detection technologies protect, support, and save lives – and also provide peace-of-mind in the workplace. With more than 100 years of combined experience, DOD Technologies provides solutions for all types of gas monitoring situations and can tackle even the most challenging gas monitoring requirements.

There are many applications for toxic, flammable, and asphyxiant gas detection. Manufacturing processes around the world increasingly involve the manufacturing and byproduct of these types of gases. Workers and residents nearby are in danger of exposure and require reliable gas detection to keep them safe. Our service and technical knowledge can provide you with top-of-the-line safety and gas detection solutions. See below how our products fit into various applications across the world.

While we do offer simple solutions, each industry DOD Technologies serves is different and we have the capability to customize. Some of the industries we currently serve include the semiconductor, solar, specialty chemical, polyurethane foam, wastewater, engineered wood, and emergency services industries. But, if you’re in any type of industry where you need to monitor and detect gases in your work environment, trust us to implement the right system for you.

Gas detection technologies are constantly evolving and changing. That’s why DOD Technologies provides sustainable solutions for all gas detection requirements. Our design philosophy is to improve the reliability of gas detection systems through innovation and technology while reducing our customers’ initial investment and lowering their cost of ownership. We service all of our products, and we also offer flexible loaner programs.

Our staff of chemists, engineers, programmers, and operations professionals is ready to provide you with the gas detection system you need; we believe you should know all of your options. Contact us today at 815-788-5200, via our Contact Us page or [email protected]. At DOD Technologies, we want you to know all your options and have peace-of-mind!