The Importance of Semiconductor Hazardous Gas Detection

October 7, 2021
The Importance of Semiconductor Hazardous Gas Detection

Semiconductor manufacturing facilities utilize and store a number of hazardous gases for their production processes. Whenever these gases are stored, distributed or used in manufacturing processes, there is potential for a hazardous situation to occur. 

The hazards associated with these gases include fire, explosion, and contamination, resulting in product loss, site renovation or maintenance that could’ve been prevented. These gases must be continuously monitored to ensure the health and safety of employees, protect the job site and maintain regulatory compliance.

Containers of hazardous gases are often separated from the surrounding environment except when actually used during production. Some of the common gases found include hydrogen, hydrogen chloride, ETO, chlorine, ammonia and oxygen. It is important to monitor these enclosures for leaking gas to ensure processes are executed properly as well as prevent a toxic environment for workers. The enclosures are ventilated to prevent the buildup of any leaking gas.

Detecting the diluted leak requires a gas sensor in the low ppm (parts per million) range while its placement in the exhaust duct will allow continuous sampling of all air moving through the enclosure. When a leak is detected, the detection system can sound an alarm to notify personnel, and safety procedures can be enacted. Any type of leak could jeopardize the integrity of the processes performed. In addition, many of these gases are highly toxic and require precautions to protect personnel. If a technician opens the enclosure section when a leak is present, they would be exposed to the toxic gases. Continuous monitoring and early warning are the best means of preventing both of these accidents.

Reliable gas detection and monitoring systems are an essential element of the semiconductor plant’s safety system. Quick and accurate detection is also important to maintain a safe workplace and reduce costly production downtime. A variety of systems are available for different monitoring applications to detect and manage gas hazards in the most effective and efficient way. DOD Technologies offers sophisticated systems with continuous monitoring, making us the leader in low level gas detection. With over 150 years of combined instrumentation and application expertise, our solutions meet the most stringent requirements to help keep your employees and operations safe.

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