Personal Detector Detects Up to Four Gases for Worker Safety

December 30, 2021
Personal Detector Detects Up to Four Gases for Worker Safety

The XA-4400II personal four-gas detector is a wearable hazardous gas detector. It is worn within the breathing zone to detect four of the most common industrial gas hazards: LEL, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide.

Keeping workers safe within their environment, the device’s audible, vibrating, and flashing LED alarms alert you to the gases present or gas exposure exceeding pre-set limits. Readings are displayed on its bright, backlit LCD display with selectable data logging included with the optional data kit.

The instrument’s durable sensors will last for 24 months and can operate for over 40 hours continuously with a single AAA battery. The XA-4400II complies with hydrogen and acetylene explosion-proof requirements, making it intrinsically safe.

Manufactured by New Comos, the device utilizes three detection principles: catalytic combustion, galvanic cell and electrochemical cell. With these principles and a diffusion sampling method, the XA-4400II can detect a variety of petrochemical gases. The product has a 67 ingress protection rating, verifying it as water and dustproof. 

Other functions include a self-diagnosis feature for sensor troubles, automatic air adjustment, remaining battery level, peak=hold, time and temperature indication, alarm test, and a silent mode. Lightweight to wear, the device only weighs 130 grams. Companies can purchase additional features, like the data-logger kit, soft case and belt clip. 

With over 150 years of combined instrumentation and application expertise, our solutions meet the most stringent requirements to help keep your employees, operations and public health safe. 

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