Maintaining Health and Safety of Lone Workers

November 17, 2021
Maintaining Health and Safety of Lone Workers

Lone workers usually perform tasks in dangerous areas of a worksite, such as confined spaces. Under some circumstances, a group would accompany the worker to communicate with them while they were working, ensuring they are still okay while performing their duties. Certain situations may require the employee to perform tasks without a group or second employee to monitor his or her condition. Both scenarios, however, can have potentially dangerous outcomes.

If the lone worker has a group nearby to communicate with but is exposed to toxic gas and becomes unconscious, it may take longer for the team to pull the worker out safely, resulting in potentially compromised health since no one would immediately know the concentration of the gas exposed and additional effects. And if hazardous conditions occur while the worker is alone, there is limited time for the worker to safely remove themselves from the area and contain the leak, while also letting the appropriate personnel know.

In situations where there may only be one worker alone in a space, it becomes very important to have all the equipment necessary to stay safe. Ideal equipment for lone workers is something small and compact but has the advantages of a full gas monitoring system. And the instrument must be portable so the worker can have full protection while in a confined space. Communication between the device and the main control system is another key factor when determining which equipment is best for lone workers. This allows the control room operator at the site to identify the location of the worker and the circumstances occurring when alarms sound. 

Monitoring is the number one most important factor for lone workers, especially in potentially dangerous situations. DOD Technologies offers a variety of portable and personal gas detection solutions to ensure the safety of lone workers. Our selection of personal and portable devices monitor and detect a variety of gases, as well as single point gas detection, ensuring the system will fit your application and the processes performed. 

DOD Technologies offers enhanced systems and continuous monitoring solutions, making us the leader in gas detection for a variety of applications. With over 150 years of combined instrumentation and application expertise, our solutions meet the most stringent requirements to help keep your employees, operations and public health safe.

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