IsoSense Sampling Unit for MDI or TDI

November 26, 2020
IsoSense Sampling Unit for MDI or TDI

The IsoSense Sampling Unit is a portable and economical sampling device perfect for measuring vapor and aerosol levels of isocyanate compounds (TDI and MDI) down to 1 ppb. Specially designed for personal exposure evaluations, area surveys, and emergency response, this device keeps all employees safe while maintaining ideal working conditions.

The IsoSense sampling unit has a digital display that displays battery life, flow rate, and sample time. This smart sampling unit will constantly check for restricted airflow, blocked airflow, or overflow while automatically adjusting and maintaining the preset value.

Samples are taken by first placing a pretreated test strip in a specially designed test strip holder. Next, start the state of the art pump which is preset for analysis time and flow. Once the sampling is complete, remove the test strip and compare the color change with the calibrated comparator color wheel to determine the exposure concentration.

This kit includes a carrying case, MDI or TDI anodized cardholder, one pump unit including the charger, a calibration flow meter, 20 isocyanate test strips, and an MDI or TDI estimator color strip. Overall, the device weighs seven pounds, and its dimensions are 18 x 14 x 12 inches. The test cardholder is blue anodized metal with 5 feet Tygon tubing and a stainless steel clip with an FEP Teflon sampling inlet. Operating time will be 8 hours per full charge with a rechargeable NIMH battery. The sampling pump is a quick start preset analytics time (5M) with it automatically adjusting to flow, sample time remaining and battery life indicator, and a flow interrupted fault.

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