DOD Technologies Introduces ChemLogic Revive CL4R Four-Point Gas Detector

October 10, 2023
DOD Technologies Introduces ChemLogic Revive CL4R Four-Point Gas Detector


Cary, Illinois - September 27, 2023 - DOD Technologies released the ChemLogic® Revive™ CL4R Four-Point Toxic Gas Detection System designed to upgrade and replace fixed four-point legacy monitors. This advanced gas detector was specially engineered to retrofit into existing monitor racks, seamlessly replacing and upgrading older units. With no required modifications, the CL4R provides upfront cost savings without the need for additional installation and integration. A standalone countertop version of the system is also available. By utilizing this innovative technology, users now have access to faster, more accurate results while reducing operational costs and providing critical safety measures to employees and the work environment.

This system utilizes ChemLogic colorimetric technology to detect gas leaks, pulling ambient air samples from up to 500 feet away. The ChemLogic technology records a stain on the colorimetric cassettes which helps to warn when hazards arise.

The CL4R delivers fast, accurate low-level gas detection results with a 3.0LPM transport time. This is ideal for users needing real-time data in semiconductor facilities or other commercial and industrial environments. The system is capable of detecting gases as low as half of the threshold limit value (TLV) in hydrides and mineral acid families. Receiving alerts before exposure hits dangerous levels, users are allotted time to act and remedy the situation before significant damage occurs.

Setting up the CL4R is a breeze with its intuitive, menu-driven software. The 8-inch color touchscreen displays all four points at once for continuous monitoring with visual color indicator alerts. Data and analytics are stored on the device and easily accessible and downloadable through a USB port located on the front of the unit.

ChemLogic Revive CL4R Long-Life Cassettes are offered in varieties based on specific gas detection needs. Available cassettes include Hydrides, Mineral Acids and Oxidizer gas families, as well as other toxic gases.

The ChemLogic Revive CL4R was designed and engineered in Cary, Illinois and is Assembled in the USA. It was developed to be reliable, requiring minimal maintenance. DOD Technologies is the Leader in Low-Level Gas Detection and a trusted source for quality solutions.

For over 20 years, DOD Technologies has provided dependable low-level gas detection products and services. Family-owned and operated, our team of industry experts serves a mission to supply technologically-advanced solutions that help keep employees safe and operations efficient. To learn more about the ChemLogic Revive CL4R and other reliable gas detection solutions visit, contact us (815-788-5200 or [email protected]) or your local DOD Technologies representative.


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