The XP-3160 is an economical portable combustible gas detection system for environmental and spot check applications. Featuring built-in correction factors, it can detect up to 6 types of flammable gas concentrations readily. Users can select over 20 gases for a custom configuration based on their detection needs. Its reliable and simple sensing capabilities allows the user peace of mind with the utmost confidence in use and maintenance. 

This instrument is capable of quick measurements for high concentrations of gases in the 0-2,000 ppm, 0-5,000 ppm, and 0-10,000 ppm ranges. The device also has a standard 10 hours of data-logging at 6-second intervals, which can then be downloaded to a PC with data download software. It’s auto-ranging function (both L-range and H-range) automatically changes depending on the gas concentration while self-diagnostics detect low sample flow, sensor disconnection, low battery, and circuit integrity errors.

There are two power options depending on your preferences. The device can run up to 20 hours on four AA alkaline cells or up to 5 hours on the optional rechargeable NiCd battery pack. Its built-in sample draw pump is a standard 1-meter sampling hose with a probe, with optional sampling hoses up to 30 meters available. XP-3160 Portable Gas Detector

It’s new digital display provides continuous digital numeric readouts and simulated analog scale simultaneously. The display indicates gas concentration(s) and the level at a glance. In addition, the instrument has a lightweight, “easy-to-hold” design that is 35% lighter than previous generations. The XP-3160 is also explosion proof with UL and Exibd II BT3 certifications and meets EPA Method-21 specifications for methane (CH4) detection. 

DOD Technologies values the safety of all personnel and work environments by offering a variety of portable and fixed gas detection systems for your needs. Do you have a question regarding gas detection within your application? With more than 150 years of combined instrumentation and application knowledge, DOD Technologies is prepared to offer its expertise and solutions for your toughest requirements while keeping you, your employees, and your equipment safe. 

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