Gas leak concept

Gas leakage detection systems are used in a wide range of industries including military, offshore drilling, wastewater treatment, nanotechnology, semiconductor manufacturing, oil and gas, chemical processing, aerospace, polyurethane manufacturing, industrial refrigeration, and many others. They are essential for the safety and welfare of personnel and property. Gas detectors can identify all manner of gases including toxic, combustible, and corrosive, as well as gamma radiation.

Gas leak detection equipment can be placed at strategic locations in facilities where leaks or exposure are most likely to occur or cause problems. Fixed gas monitoring systems are user-friendly and are an integral component of an industrial safety program.

Continuous Monitoring

Fixed gas detection systems provide continuous monitoring of facilities. Gases can present toxicity and explosion hazards to employees or nearby residents. A fixed gas detector will alert personnel immediately to prevent explosions, fires, injuries, or loss of life. Gas detectors can tell you which type or types of gas are present, as well as in what concentration. Some models will also monitor oxygen levels.

Modern global manufacturing increasingly produces both hazardous gases and gas by-products. Accordingly, the need for fixed gas leak monitoring systems is growing. Precise and continuous monitoring of air samples is critical, as even minute quantities of certain gases or vapors can present serious risks. A fixed gas monitor is always in place and on the job.

Customized Detection Systems

Gas leakage detection systems can be customized to meet the needs of each situation. Fixed monitors can be equipped with single point or multi-point continuous gas analyzers. Analyzers are available in different types from infrared to colorimetric to electrochemical. The type of analyzer required depends on the kind of gas or gasses being monitored. Gas detectors are integrated with alarm systems so that personnel will be notified immediately if a leak occurs. Alarms can implement warning lights, digital displays, and audio alerts. Horns, strobes, multiple alarms, and LEDs can be integrated to provide round-the-clock protection and warning.

Customized fixed gas detection systems are the industry standard in any facility where potentially dangerous gases may be present. A permanent gas detector enhances workplace safety and prevents loss of productivity due to leakage or accidents.