Gas exposure can be tough on equipment, and deadly to humans. By taking precautions to prevent gas leaks, and choosing the best gas detection equipment to detect leaks early on, you can save a life. 

Some gases are detectable through the sense of smell but other gases are not readily detected through our noses, resulting in unnoticeable signs to take necessary precautions early enough. There are other potential signs indicating gas leaks or exposure, but they can lead to serious or life-threatening side effects. Fortunately, DOD Technologies provides gas leak detection equipment to help you avoid gas leaks before they become dangerous. 


Preventing gas leaks before they occur is the best way to handle them, ensuring the safety of you, your employees and the building. Equipment requiring gas hook-ups is installed by certified technicians. Once installed, proper maintenance and regular unit inspections will aid in gas leak prevention. 


There are various types of systems available for all your gas leak worries. Fixed and portable systems are for sale to help ensure the safety of the facility and its personnel from the serious side effects of gas exposure.

Fixed Units

Areas with higher risk gas leaks use a fixed detection system, staying on-duty 24/7 so the worry is lifted from your shoulders. This type of system is beneficial for high-risk areas with many people spending their time in that specific location. Fixed units are more sensitive to gas leaks and may be more suitable for your specific application.

Portable Units

When you have teams or personnel on the go, such as field operations, a portable gas detection unit may be more practical than trying to use a fixed system. This provides personal safety, even though it is less sensitive than a fixed unit because it can detect gas leaks anywhere versus a specified range of space. Portable systems ease the stress of its personnel since it provides plenty of warning time, resulting in the necessary actions needed to maintain safety. 


Gas safety requires proper training. Providing workers with the proper gas detection equipment is a great start, but your workers also need to be trained thoroughly, either in-person or via online training. The alarms on portable and fixed gas detectors can only do so much. Employees must know how to use their equipment, the industry best practices for gas detection, and what to do when an alarm does sound.

Do you have a question regarding portable or fixed gas detection units? With more than 150 years of combined instrumentation and application knowledge, DOD Technologies is prepared to offer its expertise and solution for your toughest requirements while keeping you, your employees, and equipment safe. 

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