Gas DetectorGas leaks can be tricky to deal with for a number of reasons. For one thing, gas moves quickly through a large area. For another, it’s hard to detect, especially without a portable gas leak detector. There are some gases that do leave behind telltale signs that you can train your employees to recognize. For example, a smell like rotten eggs or sulfur. Some gases are odorless and colorless, so fixed or portable gas detecting equipment is especially important if you are entering an area of potential hazard. You can also listen for hissing sounds and occasionally inspect the gas units themselves. The most reliable way, though, is to look for a portable gas detector for sale and use that when you or your employees are around gas. Otherwise, you could be subject to several potential dangers.

Fire Hazards

Flammable gases are found in several industries and manufacturing processes worldwide. The most common place to find these gases are in the oil and gas refining industry, or in the chemical manufacturing industry. Buildup of flammable gases in these processes can lead to unsafe working conditions, and eventually fires and explosions. To reduce these hazards companies often require intrinsically safe devices within certain areas. An intrinsically safe rating (Class I, Div I or Class I, Div II) will ensure that the device will not be an ignition source in the event of a flammable gas buildup. Look for gas detectors that have been certified with this rating if you plan to enter these dangerous areas. Using a portable multi gas monitor will help you identify the source of a gas leak, ensuring quick and safe correction or evacuation.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

An accumulation of carbon monoxide in the body can cause serious damage to you and your employees. Portable gas detection monitors can help you minimize this risk by catching gas leaks early on.

Headache at WorkIf you don’t catch leaking carbon monoxide in time, you will start to experience a variety of symptoms if you come into contact with the gas. Some will go straight to your head, and you will experience vision problems or dizziness. Others might have problems with their chest, lungs, or the rest of their torsos. This could encompass general pains in the chest or stomach. Nausea is likely. Symptoms might just run through the whole body, causing you to feel tired and experience muscle fatigue. As these symptoms progress, you might also get more extreme problems. Your skin could turn pink or even red. If you have any of these symptoms and suspect you have been exposed to carbon monoxide or other gases, seek medical attention immediately.


It’s not worth the risk to your health and property to ignore potential gas leaks and hope they never happen. It’s better to plan ahead and be ready in case trouble comes up. When you do that, make sure you have a phone number for emergency services and your utility company. To best prevent serious injuries or illness as the result of a gas leak, you should also have a portable gas detector ready to use. If this is something you need for your workplace, call DOD Technologies today to learn more about their products and find out which one is right for you.