Technician holding gas detectorWhile fixed gas detection monitors represent a time-honored method of protecting the workplace from volatile or dangerous gases, they are only part of an overarching safety protocol. In many industries, there’s a need for detection equipment that travels with employees as they move from one area to another, since gas exposure or combustion threats could be just beyond the next door. As a result, employees need portable wireless gas detection equipment that can help assess the potential dangers quickly and accurately.

One solution to that quandary is portable gas detection equipment, such as a portable gas detector that has wireless capabilities. Such devices can prevent workplace hazards caused by combustible or noxious gases and protect the safety of employees and the general public. Keep reading to learn more about some of the biggest perks of utilizing portable gas detection equipment in the workplace. After considering the benefits, you will likely want to find a portable gas detector for sale to meet your workplace gas detection needs.

Immediate Detection

One of the advantages of portable gas detection equipment when compared to fixed detectors is that portable equipment can provide quick, real-time warnings about the presence of dangerous gases in the immediate area of the employee. A fixed detector can be positioned so that it provides a timely warning of a widespread threat, but it could take time for enough of the gas to be present for detection when the detector is fixed to one point. A portable detector travels with employees, so it provides efficient notification of gas presence so that employees can quickly move to safety.

Reliable and Thorough Detection

Speed of detection is one factor that can increase safety for employees when it comes to the presence of dangerous gases. Another factor is reliable accuracy. A portable detector allows you to assess the environment of the immediate workspace, which makes it perfect for employees who frequently move around the facility to perform tasks. A fixed detector only samples the air in its vicinity, which means there could be pockets of dangerous gases located away from the sensor that would otherwise go undetected. A portable detector can be used to canvas every area to ensure safety. A high level of reliability gives employees confidence that leads them to take alerts seriously instead of writing them off as false positives.

Easy and Convenient

Gas specialist repairing meterMany portable gas detectors are user-friendly since they will most often be deployed by individuals rather than connected to a larger remotely controlled system. Therefore, they have convenient features and require little training to deploy and interpret. They’re also small and nonintrusive in many cases, which means they won’t interfere with the performance of work tasks. They’re light and compact, yet they have the capability of testing for multiple types of gases and providing alarms when they’re detected. You won’t have to go to the trouble of selecting the perfect spot for a portable gas detector, as you can take it wherever the job requires and threats may exist.

No Infrastructure Necessary

Many fixed detectors must be hardwired to a larger system to perform their jobs. They need a power source and a method of communicating with the system to provide remote warnings regarding the presence of dangerous gases. However, portable gas detectors need no infrastructure at all. They don’t need mounting hardware or armature since they’re carried on the employee. They’re usually rechargeable, which means they carry their power source along with them without wires. They can also transmit data and alerts wirelessly to the larger system without the need for dedicated hard wires.

If you work in a field where the potential for exposure to dangerous gases is a real issue, consider the benefits of portable gas detection equipment for the workplace. They require no installation or infrastructure while providing accurate results in real time. To learn more, contact DOD Technologies, Inc., at (815) 680-6086.