Area monitoring is achieved by merging elements from portable and fixed gas detectors into a combined solution while linked to a network for data transferring and remote capabilities. The primary reason for area monitoring is to assist workers in maintaining the safety of the work environment within a designated perimeter, usually confined spaces and long-distance locations. To ensure you have the best device for area monitoring, consider the following:

Live Monitoring Capabilities

Connectivity through a network gives personnel live monitoring capabilities for any site, local and remote, from any location. Live monitoring allows immediate notifications when an alarm activates as well as necessary information whenever it’s needed to the control room and all connected devices. 

Flawless Connectivity

The connectivity of the network for the area monitoring system must be very reliable and makes it simple to set up and connect devices. As part of the latest in the industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, the best type of systems connects and communicates with other devices and systems in the network regardless of its perimeters to share all necessary information. The digitalization of detection systems assists in the process of gathering and analyzing data to streamline processes and improve overall safety. Better systems allow remote monitoring of multiple networks within a work site or several work sites through cloud or mobile applications. 

Quick Network Distribution 

Flawless connectivity is the first must-have of an area monitoring system, but finding a system that is capable of that as well as requiring no special IT skills or additional equipment is the best. End-user-friendly systems avoid implementing errors into the system. Confidence is created with easy-to-follow installation tips and useful real-time feedback, saving time and money. It becomes extremely helpful when you can add more detectors as the situation and needs change as well.

Advanced Sensors & Low Maintenance

Sensor sensitivity and quick response times are fundamental to achieving a safe work environment for employees. The faster the response, the safer it will be. Sensors should be quick and accurate while detecting multiple gases and notifying the user when it’s time for maintenance. 

The maintenance of the system is another must-have thing to consider. The battery capacity is an insight into a device’s ability to perform over long periods of time without charging. The longer the field life, the less maintenance and attention required. This leads to less money spent on maintenance and increases productivity. It is suggested to find a system with 60-day battery life and notifications when batteries are nearing the end of their cycle. 


Gas detectors need to be durable in various environments to run smoothly and have minimal downtime. IP ratings help with this part of the process by referring to an electronic device’s ability to resist factors such as dust, water, humidity, and other elements that can affect the sensor or the machinery’s overall ability to perform. Devices tested and given a rank IP68 are trusted for lasting durability against environmental change factors. 

For physical durability, it’s best to find equipment that has passed a 10-foot drop test. This ensures the cost of the system and equipment is worth it. Devices that do not contain external antennas or loose parts are also ideal, but understandable if needed for your specific demands. Not having an antenna or loose parts ensures easy transport, relocation, and mounting without the worry of damaging the device. 

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