Gas Detector at WorkplaceIf there is any chance the work conditions of your business will expose you and your employees to hazardous gases, explosive atmospheres, or oxygen deficiency, investing in reliable gas detection devices is a must. Once you have sifted through the numerous gas detection systems for sale and chosen the right one for your company, you need to properly maintain the devices so that they keep working at the highest capacity. Here are some benefits of properly maintaining your company’s gas detection devices.

Protect Workers

Whether you invest in a single gas detector or a multi-gas detector, maintaining them properly will protect your workers from inhaling toxic gases and suffering oxygen deficiency or enrichment. You should always check what the concentrations of oxygen in any area within your company’s workplace before sending workers there. Oxygen concentrations are measured in parts per million, or ppm. Oxygen levels need to stay between 20% and 23% ppm. If oxygen levels drop below 20%, there is a higher risk of oxygen deficiency. If oxygen levels rise above 23%, there is a higher risk of oxygen enrichment. Keeping you and your staff safe is a high priority. Understanding ppm hazards and safe exposure standards will help you better maintain all gas detection devices in your workplace.

Avoid Hazards

With proper maintenance, gas detectors like the H2S monitor can quickly and easily detect dangerous gas leaks in company workspaces that could cause hazards, like fires and explosions. Carbon monoxide (CO2) is the most common hazardous gas. CO2 and other toxic gases are heavy, and when they get released into the atmosphere of an enclosed space, like a room in a factory or other commercial building, they can crowd out all the oxygen and eventually combust. Combustion of toxic gases causes huge explosions that can severely damage company property and injure you and your crew. Doing regular maintenance on each gas detection device will ensure they can detect toxic gases in the air quicker, keeping you, your crew, and your business safe.

Run Smooth Operations

Gas detectors that are properly maintained help you understand your workplace better and allows you to plan ahead using proper safety equipment and regulations. This ensures that each operation runs smoothly, improving production and reducing downtime. Devices that are running in real-time increases visibility of threats, enabling safety managers to respond to gas-related issues quicker and more efficiently.

Reduce Losses

Gas Detector Control PanelProperly maintaining each gas detection device within your business will significantly lower the risk of gas-related incidents within the workplace. Gases tend to settle in holes and caverns, where they can lay dormant for a long time. Animal carcasses create hydrogen sulfide, an extremely flammable gas. These are high-risk situations where gases can become ignited at any time, causing an explosion or fire. And several of your employees are likely to be in the area. The damage caused to your business and the injuries your workers sustain can set you back, financially and productivity-wise, for months. You could lose your employees, and productivity could decrease significantly, causing you to lose thousands or even millions of dollars. Doing regular maintenance on all company gas detectors will prevent such heavy losses to your business.

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