Crowcon T3 4-Gas Detector



The Tetra:3 multigas monitor is a compact, robust and easy-to-use diffusion based detector. Single button operation, small size and clear top-mounted display make it a favourite in the market amongst those working in demanding industrial environments, such as those in the water, telecoms, food, brewing or hydrocarbons sectors.


Tetra3 Datasheet

Tetra3 User Manual

Gas Range Typical Alarms
Flammable  0-100% LEL  20%
Oxygen  0-25% 19/23.5%
Hydrogen sulphide (H2S)  0-100ppm  5ppm
Carbon monoxide (CO)  1-500ppm 30ppm
Sulpher dioxide (SO2)  0-20ppm 1ppm
Ozone (O3)  0-1ppm 0.1ppm
Ammonia (NH3)  0-100ppm 25ppm
*Carbon dioxide (CO2)  0-5% 0.5ppm

Gases include the most common four (carbon monoxide, methane, oxygen and hydrogen sulphide), but also an expanded range: ammonia, ozone, sulphur dioxide, H2 filtered CO (for steel plants) and IR carbon dioxide (for safe area use only).


  • Rugged and impact-resistant design provides extra shock and vibration protection – provides protection in the harshest environment
  • Water and dust resistant to IP65 and IP67
  • Can be submerged in water

Effective warning

  • 95dB audible alarm – ensures prompt evacuation from hazard zone
  • Vivid red/blue visual alarm
  • Vibrating alarm


  • Proven sensor technology and software operation – covers you over an extended shift
  • Clear “calibration due” warning
  • Lithium-ion battery provides over 14 hours continuous operation from a single charge with no memory effects

User friendly

  • Single button operation for all functions – can be operated with gloved hands
  • Top mounted, backlit display of all gas readings, diagnostics and battery life – ‘at a glance’ operating status

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 6 in

4 Gas (CH4 %LEL, O2, H2S, CO), 3 Gas (CH4 %LEL, O2, H2S), 3 Gas (CH4 %LEL, O2, CO 0-500PPM)