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The Mercury Vapor Indicator accurately detects hazardous mercury vapors in just 3 seconds.  The instrument uses its dual beam UV absorption technology and ability to measure high concentrations of mercury without saturing; requiring no regeneration between readings, eliminating downtime. MVI provides continuous readings and offers two detection ranges : 0.1 to 200 and 1.0-1999 microgram/cubic meter.

– No saturation, no regeneration-eliminates instrument downtime
– Fast, 3 second response
– Range: 0.1 to 200 and 1.0 to 1999 microgram/cubic meter
– Highly accurate measurement
– Continuous readings
– High performance pump for fast indication and recovery
– PTFE probe with moisture trap filter
– Large digital display
– simple, one-handed operation


  • Mercury (Hg) Vapor


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MVI mercury vapour detector

Accurately detects mercury in just 3 seconds!

The Mercury Vapour Indicator (MVI) is a revolutionary mercury detector, detecting mercury vapours in just 3 seconds!

The instrument’s dual beam UV absorption technology means MVI does not saturate or need regenerating between readings – like traditional gold film detection methods – eliminating instrument downtime.

Fast and accurate, the MVI mercury detector gives a real-time response and is ready to detect instantly. MVI provides continuous readings and offers two detection ranges: 0.1 to 200 and 1.0 to 1999 microgram/cubic meter.

MVI is a portable mercury vapour detector that utilises a high-performance pump for fast indication and recovery. The instrument’s audible alarm and large digital display clearly indicate the levels of mercury present.

Ergonomically designed with simple, one-handed operation MVI mercury vapour detector is the ideal survey unit for rapid and accurate mercury detection.

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Weight 6.10 lbs
Dimensions 5.7 × 11.61 × 3.15 in