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The GasBadge® Pro from Industrial Scientific provides a lifetime of gas hazard protection. Standard STEL and TWA readings, and datalogging of up to one year of survey data are featured along with an event-logger that records the past 15 alarm events. Housed in a rugged enclosure, the monitor is immune to RF, water resistant and extremely durable. A protective concussion-proof overmold protects the unit from extreme abuse in a variety of harsh industrial environments. Its simple and intuitive four-button navigation allows easy access to setup, operation and calibration functions. Lifetime warranty.

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GasBadge® Pro

GasBadge® Pro Manual


  • Interchangeable “smart” sensors monitor oxygen or any one of many toxic gases
  • One year datalogging capacity (minimum)
  • Standard STEL and TWA
  • iNet® and DSX™ Docking Station compatible
  • Lifetime warranty


Users can configure the display to either show direct real time readings in either ppm or % by volume (O2), or gas type only Stand alone instrument docking stations (IDS) provide automatic instrument calibrations, record keeping, diagnostics and data downloading Allows the user to view current gas readings in low levels of light with a push of a button Provides continuous and unobstructed protection even when placed in a shirt pocket Ensures sensor is protected if exposed to high concentrations of gas The protective rubber overmold makes the unit extremely durable and provides a comfort grip for easy handling Continuously monitors and displays the amount of instrument life remaining until the unit is no longer operational Allows the user to set an alarm indication to alert the end user that the instrument is overdue for calibration


Lifetime warranty


Suspender clip Calibration adapter Tubing Operating Instructions

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 1 in

CO Gas Monitor, H2S Gas Monitor, O2 Gas Monitor, NO2 Gas Monitor, SO2 Gas Monitor