G7 Exo Area Monitor

The G7 EXO — the world’s first cloud-connected area monitor with integrated 2G/3G/4G communications. From the moment G7 EXO is turned on, it automatically connects directly to the Blackline Safety Cloud and delivers a complete situational view to businesses. G7 EXO defines the ideal cloud-connected area monitor for facilities, maintenance projects, tank farms, fencelines, drilling rigs and disaster responses. Unlike competitor solutions, G7 EXO area monitors do not need to be set up with a line of sight between each other. No more changing batteries every few days either. G7 EXO combines 100 days of battery run-time and integrated communications for seamless remote configuration and monitoring.

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Blackline Safety Lone Worker Monitoring

Area monitoring has never been simpler yet more considerate of your needs. G7 EXO leverages industry leading cellular and satellite connectivity to empower comprehensive, robust area monitoring, without any of the hassle associated with other systems. No need for clumsy RFID tags or manual networks to connect personnel to an area monitor — G7 EXO does this automatically and intelligently. With auto-generated, intelligent zones, G7 EXO works alongside employees equipped with G7 wearable monitors for maximum visibility into the safety and productivity status of a facility. Both systems continuously stream location and gas reading data to the Blackline Safety Cloud, providing a full situational overview of a business’ workforce and facility.


■ Up to 100-day battery life
■ Diffusion and combination diffusion / pump models
■ Internal 2G/3G/4G wireless works in 100+ countries
■ Works globally with optional Iridium satellite communication
■ Call for help using the SOS latch
■ Works seamlessly with Blackline Live cloud-hosted software
■ Communicates all data to the Blackline Safety Cloud — no need to collect data from the field
■ Blackline Live automates configuration changes, plus firmware updates automatically
■ Leverages the same plug-and-play gas sensor cartridges as G7c
■ Blackline Analytics automates compliance reporting
■ Internal GPS and beacon location technology
■ Manage G7 EXO area monitors in Blackline Live

G7 Exo Brochure

G7 Exo Datasheet


Available Sensors and Ranges: 

Gas Name Formula Range Note:
Ammonia NH3 0-100 ppm
High-Range Ammonia NH3 0-500 ppm
Carbon Monoxide CO 0-500 ppm
High-Range Carbon Monoxide CO 0-2000 ppm
Hydrogen Resistant Carbon Monoxide CO 0-500 ppm
Carbon Dioxide CO2 0-50,000 ppm
Chlorine Cl2 0-20 ppm
Chlorine Dioxide ClO2 0-2 ppm
COSH (Dual CO/H2s) H2S/CO 0-100 ppm / 0-500 ppm
Hydrogen Cyanide HCN 0-30 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide H2S 0-100 ppm
High-Range Hydrogen Sulfide H2S 0-500 ppm
LEL-Infrared LEL 0-100% LEL
Nitrogen Dioxide NO2 0-50 ppm
Oxygen O2 0-25% Vol.
Ozone O3 0-1 ppm
PID VOC 0-4,000 ppm* *Depends on Correction Factor
PID VOC 0-10,000 ppb* *Depends on Correction Factor
Sulfur Dioxide SO2 0-100 ppm


DOD Technologies, Inc. is a certified National Distributor of Blackline Safety Products.

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Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 15.1 × 7.4 × 8.7 in