DOD64 FTIR Gas Detection System

The DOD64 FTIR is a Flexible 16 to 64 Point Sequential FTIR Monitor that provides field-proven Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) Technology for the quick detection of low level toxic, corrosive and combustible gases.

  • Advanced Interferometer
  • 16 – 64 Points of Detection
  • 20 gas selection per point
  • 50 Initial Gases to select from
  • DGTS or MCT Stirling cooled detector
  • Ceramic Globar IR Source
  • VCSEL reference laser
  • Sample Cell volume 400ml
  • USB Port with Memory Stick
  • Real-Time Trend Display
  • Complete Front Access
  • Touch Screen Control
  • Compact Size
  • Advanced HMI & Flash control

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FTIR Brochure

FTIR MCT Brochure

DOD64 FTIR Manual

For a full list of detectable gases available on the DOD64 FTIR gas detection system, please contact DOD Technologies, Inc.