A confined space is defined as a large enough area for an employee to fully enter and perform assigned work for short periods of time and have limited or restricted access. These areas have the potential to contain hazardous materials and produce a hazardous work environment. Due to the potential scope in the limited space, circumstances can lead to dangerous health effects for those inside the area. 

Standards the Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA) has placed requires companies to recognize all possible hazards in confined spaces and must test the air quality before and during entry to verify ventilation excellence. This requires companies to have and maintain proper safety equipment not just for entry, but for exits and recuses as well with procedures dependent on the situation for rescue. 

Due to standards of safety, OSHA defines the viability of gas detection equipment as a top priority. The instrument used must measure at least three conditions in the internal environment: 1) oxygen content, 2) flammable gases and vapors, and 3) potential toxic air compounds and impurities. Measuring the environment at points of entry and departure is important, but unforeseen circumstances can occur while employees work. If a hazardous environment starts to develop, the monitor from the detection equipment will alert the user to leave the area immediately, evaluate the conditions, and proceed with the corrective action. 

Portable gas detectors are designed specifically for hazardous environments and confined spaces, ensuring workers are protected at all times regardless of their location. Portable detectors give live readings of ambient gases and alert when conditions are unsafe. The instrument is easier to calibrate and can provide more feedback and data storage than personal devices, overall providing the same advanced benefits as a fixed unit anywhere it is needed. 

Regardless of employees within a confined space of an industrial warehouse or the limited space of workers entering the unknown safety of a site, portable gas detection is an essential tool to maintain environment and human safety. Portable, single gas detectors are essential for companies with one potentially harmful substance or gas in a confined space. DOD Technologies offers a variety of portable, single gas detectors for all your company’s needs. 

DOD Technologies has a variety of portable and fixed gas detection systems for your needs. Do you have a question regarding the option to implement a gas detection system within your application? With more than 150 years of combined instrumentation and application knowledge, DOD Technologies is prepared to offer its expertise and solutions for your toughest requirements while keeping you, your employees, and equipment safe.

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