The New Cosmos KD-12 Hazardous Location Monitor series is a smart and reliable fixed gas detection system for continuous monitoring of a wide variety of combustible gases, toxic gases, and more. The series features various models to make sure your needs are met for any application. This series features a rugged, compact, and lightweight design that includes an LED local display for gas concentration and alarm indication. 

Its explosion-proof casing is ATEX, IECEx, and TIIS approved while ensuring it is water and duster proof as well. All setup and maintenance can be easily performed on-site by one person and features easy sensor replacement with its simple plug-in design. The instrument also has options for the sensor depending on your needs with three available options: hot-wire, electrochemical, and IR technology. Each device also features an infrared sensor for long-term stability, decreasing the number of calibrations performed. The KD-12 series has three configurations: buzzer or rotating beacon, indicator unit, and DCS/PLC/SCADA. This instrument features a magnetic switch, trouble lamp, alarm lamp, and a power lamp with a sensor unit. An optional feature for ATEX certified models sold separately is the cable gland. New Cosmos KD-12 Hazardous Location Monitor

The series has an output of 4-20 mADC with a 1a no-voltage output that is no-latching. Most of the devices in the series have a -10 to +50 ℃ operating temperature with a power supply of 24 VDC. It’s power consumption ranges from 1.2W to 3W depending on the instrument selected from the series. The varying applications for this instrument include pipelines, tank farms, exploration and drilling platforms, production platforms, power stations, refineries and chemical plants, and more. New Cosmos KD-12 Hazardous Location Monitor

DOD Technologies has a variety of portable and fixed gas detection systems for your needs. Do you have a question regarding the option to implement a gas detection system within your application? With more than 150 years of combined instrumentation and application knowledge, DOD Technologies is prepared to offer its expertise and solutions for your toughest requirements while keeping you, your employees, and equipment safe.

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new cosmos kd-12 hazardous location monitor