Handheld Gas DetectorProtecting their workers and their property from toxic and flammable fumes is one of the top priorities of any company. It’s why every industrial plant must have gas leak detection equipment. Traditional technologies, such as catalytic, solid-state, and electrochemical systems have long provided reliable sensing, and yet researchers continually improve their quality and create advanced solutions that surpass their performance.

Read on to learn about the latest products, trends, and innovations in gas sensing technology, and you just might find the best device for your business.

Multi-gas Detection Monitors

Facilities typically have several gases on-site and having a versatile detection system works to a company’s advantage. These devices quickly sense many toxic and explosive gases, including methane and propane, so your safety officers can locate leaks and fix them as soon as possible. They can be pricey up front, but they save you from buying multiple pieces of equipment to identify different hazards.

These detectors analyze the composition of the ambient air and display the amount of gas concentration on a small screen. When the devices sense that the accumulation of gases exceeds a certain threshold level, an alarm activates to warn you. This equipment is a reliable tool for building maintenance and inspection, but its function is still dependent on proper care and calibration.

The technology has long been locally available, but several models are worth noting. One of them is the XPS-7 Universal Portable Gas Detector. It senses up to 20 flammable and toxic gases; plus, it monitors the oxygen levels in the environment. It’s perfect for manufacturing plants, medical labs, and semiconductor manufacturing.

Handheld Sensors

Handheld sensors have been widely used for quite a while, but better, more efficient ones have hit the market recently. They’re as powerful as their fixed unit counterparts; yet, they’re easy to set up, and they fit in your palm. With this equipment, you’re also able to access hard-to-reach areas in your facility. Over the past several years, vast improvements in the utilization of cellular technology have enabled manufacturers to develop handheld monitors with a degree of connectivity unheard of in previous iterations. In particular, the Blackline G7 family of portable sensors enable safety teams to remain acutely aware at all times of both the presence of leaks and the health and safety of every team member.

Never Lose Contact

Ultrasonic Gas SensorToday’s portable sensors carry much more responsibility than previous generations. They need to accurately detect and report gas leaks in real time, relay the positioning and status of each employee, and allow for uninterrupted communication between every team member. Relying on the latest in satellite and cellular connectivity advancements, the Blackline G7 accomplishes all these disparate tasks and much more. The G7 instantly connects every employee with each other and with live monitoring personnel. If there’s a gas leak, an injury, or even an extreme weather event, you and your team will be instantly notified. You’ll always be aware of the status and location of every employee and can reach them by voice or text, so you’re never left in the dark.

The requirements for gas detections equipment are constantly changing, so it’s best to get the latest, most efficient devices available. Contact DOD Technologies, Inc., for state-of-the-art fixed sensors, the Blackline G7, or any other portable gas detection monitors today.