Gas leak in processing plant

Gas detection is essential for many reasons, such as preventing an explosion and preventing exposure to toxic gases. With a gas monitoring system, once dangerous levels of gases are detected, appropriate action can be taken to prevent gas-related occurrences and injuries. Today, with the availability of the XPS-7 Universal Portable Gas Detector, you can monitor over 20 gases by simply changing a plug-and-play sensor.

Common Gas Monitoring Applications

Before looking for a portable gas detector for sale, it is important to understand some of the common applications:

  • Flammable gas detection for plant and worker safety: Gas detection helps counter flammable gases and vapor, which could cause worker deaths and injuries, or property damage. Once detected, gas sources can be shut off, and ventilation fans turned on.
  • Duct or tool monitoring: Highly flammable and toxic gases are usually used in semiconductor plants in the manufacturing processes. With portable gas detection equipment, you can detect a leak before it gets to the general workspace, where it can endanger worker health.
  • Oxygen detection for worker safety: Gas detection can be used to determine whether there is sufficient oxygen in the air, as lack of it can cause dizziness, brain damage, and loss of consciousness for the workers in that area.
  • Toxic gas monitoring: You may want to find out whether toxic gases such as H2S and CO are present in parking garages, petrochemical applications, and in several other instances. Monitoring such gases is a precautionary measure that can help avoid potentially dangerous situations.
  • Other areas where portable gas leak detectors can come in handy include tunnels, parking garages, storage facilities, underground vaults, factories, and quarries.

The above gas detection applications call for the best portable gas detector, the XPS-7. To understand how it works, it is important to know its features. The XPS-7 is a universal gas detection tool that has been designed for emergency responses and survey gas detection.

Ideally, the XPS-7 is meant for concentration measurement and gas leak inspection in a semiconductor factory with toxic gas. It has been specifically designed for easy systems integration. Whether you prefer digital or analog, with XPS-7, you are good to go. The portable gas leak detector is a suitable plug-and-play emergency response system. It has extended shelf life smart sensors that prepare you for the release of any gas in just a matter of seconds.

Gas leak sensor

Detection Wand

The system is lightweight, and it comes with a built-in sample detection wand and draw pump. With the detection wand, you can quickly isolate the problem source. You can even reach the hard-to-reach destinations. You won’t need any dynamic calibrations, so long as you’ve inserted the correct sensors for the type of gas you wish to detect.

Features of XPS-7

Here are some key features of the XPS-7:

  • Can detect over 20 different gases interchangeably
  • Features a large LCD screen
  • Features cassette-type sensors, eliminating the need for calibration
  • Single-point sample draw unit
  • Sensors can be swapped or replaced, allowing you to change the gas being detected at any time
  • Includes flow indicator for ensuring proper operations

If you are looking for a gas detection system, look no further. At DOD Technologies, Inc., we have exactly what you want for commercial gas detection. Get in touch with us today.