Gas Gas leaks are a real danger at industrial facilities, and because of this, most facilities are required to have detectors in place to protect the workplace and its employees. There are many types of gases that can be present–they might be toxic, flammable, or even explosive under the wrong circumstances. It’s important to be aware of which gases might be a risk for your facility and provide the appropriate detection gear.

Fixed Detectors

If you know certain gases are a risk for your facility, it’s vital to have fixed detectors in place in high risk areas. These stay mounted on a wall and can alert you immediately if gas is detected in the vicinity. This gives you the chance to evacuate and take other necessary safety measures without anyone being exposed to the hazardous gas.

Portable Detectors

Another way to detect gas leaks is by providing a portable gas detector for each of your employees. This is a must in places where there is a high risk of exposure. Even if you have fixed detectors in place, portable gas detection monitors travel with your employees at all times so they can be sure to alert workers as soon as they come into contact with a dangerous substance, letting them evacuate as quickly as possible.

Automated Detectors

More and more facilities are starting to use robotic gas detectors to sweep their facilities and look for gas leaks. These can be set up to roam the facility on their own, or they can be remotely controlled to check out a suspect area. Like fixed detectors, these allow you to detect gas leaks from a safe distance and avoid exposing your employees.

What to Look For

There are a few things to keep in mind when searching for a fixed or portable gas detector for sale. First, make sure the machine is able to detect all gases that are a risk for your location and type of business. Find a detector with a wide range of capabilities to keep your employees as safe as possible.

As with anything else you buy for your business, it’s also important to buy from a trusted manufacturer with a solid reputation. Your employees’ safety isn’t an area where you should cut corners.