Gas leak sign

Portable Technology

Portable gas detection monitors are an essential tool for determining if dangerous levels of gas are present, as well as the source of the leak. A variety of gas detectors are available for home, commercial, and industrial use. They can be portable, handheld devices, or stationary units. Gas detectors can sense the presence of a variety of toxic and combustible gases. They are equipped with lights, alarms, and digital displays to alert you of the presence of gas, as well as the type.

Common Applications

A portable gas leak detector is commonly used in situations where gas is temporarily present. While older models were generally only capable of detecting one type of gas, modern detectors can sense multiple types of gases. Gas detectors can be critical for emergency responders, confined workshops where gases may be present, and for inspections of industrial areas such as clean rooms, nuclear facilities, welding shops, and wastewater treatment plants.

Combustible or Toxic

Gas detectors are categorized in two ways. First, by the type of gas they detect and, second, by the type of technology employed. Combustible gases are detected using infrared or catalytic sensors, while toxic gases are detected by employing metal oxide or electrochemical technologies.

Catalytic Sensors

Catalytic sensors work by oxidation. They contain a wire coil treated with platinum. When the catalytic platinum surface comes in contact with a combustible gas, heat is released. This heat activates a temperature sensitive bridge circuit, which sets off the alarm.

Infrared Sensors

Infrared sensors, also called IR detectors, are used to sense combustible gases, particularly hydrocarbon vapors. They can determine not only if gas is present, but what type of gas it is. Infrared sensors contain a transmitter, which emits light, and a receiver which detects it. When gas is present, it interferes with the light transmission, and sounds the alarm.

Electrochemical Sensors

Electrochemical sensors are extremely sensitive, and are preferred for the detection of deadly gases such as chlorine, nitrogen oxide, and carbon monoxide. Warning signals are sent by electrical current to a digital display.

Metal Oxide Semiconductors

MOS are able to detect an assortment of gases, ranging from combustibles to carbon monoxide. Metal oxide detectors contain a sensitive film made of tin or tungsten oxides, which react in the presence of toxic gases, triggering the alarm so action can be taken. MOS are especially efficient as they can perform accurately even in low-humidity environments.

A portable gas leak detector can save lives and prevent dangerous accidents. You can easily find a portable gas detector for sale online for your home or work environment.