The GIR-3000 Infrared Flammable Gas Detector provides continuous detection of hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrous oxide gases in explosion hazardous areas. With state-of-the-art infrared detection principles, this device has a quick response time of less than five seconds to ensure the safety of employees and the overall area. 

The device operates in non-oxygen environments with an easy configuration of the monitoring system through RS-485 Modbus or HART communication. 2-stage alarms, 1-trouble display, and relay contact outputs are all featured in this system and uses a 4-20mA output signal. The GIR-3000 also features a UL Class 1, Division 1 flameproof housing assisting in the long service life of over five years. 

The GIR-3000 gas detection system highlights a self-diagnosis function with a built-in microprocessor and an auto-calibration/program setting with a magnet bar. Built-in backlight LCD or OLED display makes it easy to view readings, as well as easy calibration and service when needed. The maintenance process is straightforward and requires only one individual. The alarm unit is a GTL-100 with three alarm types: green LED for normal operations, red LED with a 95dB buzzer for alarm notifications, and yellow LED for troubling conditions. 

The operating temperature range is from -40℃ to +80℃ and operating humidity is 5-99% RH (non-condensing). The device can be mounted on a two-foot pole mount, wall mount, or duct mount. Three additional options or accessories are available: stainless steel housing, RS-485 digital communications module, and a HART communications module. 

DOD Technologies values the safety of all personnel and work environments by offering a variety of portable and fixed gas detection systems for your needs. Do you have a question regarding gas detection within your application? With more than 150 years of combined instrumentation and application knowledge, DOD Technologies is prepared to offer its expertise and solutions for your toughest requirements while keeping you, your employees, and your equipment safe. 

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