Gas detection is a top priority, even on short notice. These devices keep employees and customers safe from dangerous gases and substances that may otherwise go undetected. If you are looking into a gas detection system, there are several great options available. But determining which device is best suited for you can be tricky and loaning a gas detection system is beneficial.

Today, there are a multitude of flexible loaner options for gas detectors if you don’t need one all the time, or can’t decide which system is best for you. Like other loaning opportunities, selecting a gas detecting system for a few days or weeks is a simple process. But, make sure you do your research and consider reputable companies known for their quality products and services. If you require a gas detector for certain jobs or projects, inquiring a loaner system can be more beneficial than outright purchasing the equipment.

Perfect for detecting gas leaks and spills on short notice, DOD Technologies’ CLPx Loaner Program ensures you are never without a reliable, portable gas detector unit. The next generation ChemLogic Portable (CLPx) provides powerful portable gas detection, meeting a wide variety of applications such as health surveys, specialty chemicals, emergency response, and more. It’s improved optics design and automated optics calibration makes the CLPx the most reliable, user-friendly gas detector on the market. This versatile instrument can be configured to detect a variety of gases, eliminating the need to purchase different instruments or gas keys to sample different gases. Changing the type of gas detecting to another requires a simple change of the cassette. The CLPx also employs DOD Technologies reliable ChemLogic tape technology to detect toxic gases and utilizes the most advanced electronics and analysis software, meeting the needs of health and safety professionals. 

There are four main gas detection packages with the CLPx Loaner Program: 

  • Semiconductor/Solar

AsH3, PH3, B2H6, SiH4, GeH4, H2Se, H2S, HCl, HF, HBr, BF3, Cl2, and NH3

  • Chemical/Isopropyl 


  • Isocyanate


  • Additional Gases

N2H4, ClO2, etc. 

Please contact DOD Technologies for additional information regarding additional gases for detection and questions regarding the program or any other gas detection equipment solutions you may need. The purchase of one CLPx cassette tape at $700 will offer you a loaner CLPx portable unit for 6 days free. To schedule a loaner unit, complete the agreement and email to or fax to (815) 788-5300. Please review the terms and conditions of the CPLx Loaner agreement.