DOD64 FTIR Gas MonitorNew, from DOD Technologies comes the DOD64 FTIR Gas Monitor. The monitor with proven FTIR technology gives a unique solution to environmental monitoring issues. With a flexible 16 to 64 point sequential FTIR Monitor, it provides field proven FTIR Technology for the quick detection of low level toxic, corrosive, and combustible gases.

The DOD64 FTIR multi-point system makes FTIR monitoring more affordable per point and simplifies the operations through a responsive, customer-driven engineering approach.

What does this mean for you? It means customers like you can experience advanced technology at a lower initial investment and reduced expense throughout ownership. It’s a win-win situation!

KEY FEATURES integrated into our innovative system include:

  • Lowest LDL’s in the Industry
  • Advanced Interferometer for better reliability and less maintenance
  • 16 – 64 Points of Detection which makes for a flexible system
  • 20 gas selection per point – cost effective monitoring
  • 50 Initial Gases to select from;  with additional available
  • MCT Stirling cooled detector that detects gases at low levels
  • Ceramic Globar IR Source that is reliable and low maintenance
  • VCSEL reference laser for easy maintenance
  • Sample Cell volume 400ml for  fast sample fill time and analysis
  • USB Port with Memory Stick for easy data retrieval
  • Fast/reliable Real Time Trend Display
  • Effortless accessibility with complete front access
  • Touch Screen Control for user-friendly startup and operation
  • Advanced, user-friendly HMI & Flash control

We offer on-site and in-house repair, calibration service, and training of all of our gas detection systems as well as other services and consultations as needed. For more details, please refer to the full DOD64 FTIR brochure or contact us at 815-788-5200.