Gas Leak Image

Gas leaks can be dangerous. When you can smell the gas, you know there’s a problem; however, you can’t always readily smell the gas early enough to take necessary precautions. There are other signs indicating you might have a gas leak–such as the negative reaction of the body to the gas–but it’s better to detect the gas before this happens. Fortunately, there’s a way to do this. DOD Technologies, Inc. would like to tell you about how gas leak detection equipment can help you avoid and identify gas leaks before they become dangerous.


Preventing gas leaks before they occur is the best way to handle them. When equipment is installed and requires gas hook ups, having them installed by certified experts is a good first step. Next, checking the gas units regularly will further help with your goal of prevention.


Gas detection systems for sale can solve all your gas leak worries. Stationary and portable systems are available to keep your home or facility, and its occupants, safe from harm.

Stationary Units

For areas where gas leaks are a higher risk, a stationary gas leakage detection system can stay on-duty for you nonstop so that you can rest at ease. This equipment is good for high-risk areas where you or others might spend a lot of time. Stationary systems are more sensitive to gas leaks, so this type might be better for what you need.

Portable Units

When you’re on the go and moving from place to place, a portable gas detection unit may be the most practical piece of gas detection equipment and can provide you with more safety–despite that it’s less sensitive than a stationary one. With this type of unit, wherever you go, you’ll have the security of knowing that if a gas leak occurs, you’ll have plenty of warning and can take the necessary steps to stay safe.


If you smell or detect gas, turn off the source of the gas at the meter, open windows and doors, avoid using electrical switches, and call your local gas provider immediately. Remember that keeping safe from the dangers of leaking gas should be your number one priority.